Four seasons

The idea and realization of this rare multimedia project belong to Geidai Art University. It is a concert with chamber orchestra, wherein live synchronization with music will be screened four animations by Anna Budanova for ”Spring”, Olga&Priit Pärn for ”Summer”, Atsushi Wada for ”Autumn” and Theodor Ushev for ”Winter”. The Four Seasons refers to the four concerts composed by Antonio Vivaldi and performed in 1725 as part of “The Contest Between Harmony and Invention.” Bearing the names “Spring”, “Summer,” “Autumn,” and “Winter,” the works call forth rich imagery in the mind of the listener. In this project, five leading animation directors give visual form to Vivaldi’s musical world.

Director: Anna Budanova
2D Animation: Anastasia Melikhova

“When Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons teams up with animation and contemporary technologies, the result is an unprecedented audiovisual performance, offering a completely different sensory experience both visually and acoustically of his unique works.”